Rava kesari recipe


1 cup bombay rava/karachi rava,

1 1/2 cup sugar,

50 grams ghee,

Cashews 15,

15 Kismis,

6 pistachios,

6 cardamom seeds powder,

2 cups milk,

1 cup water,

Preparation method:

1. Take a pan, heat it, add 2 spoons of ghee and add all dry fruits to it.

2. Fry them for 2 minutes then take them into a plate and keep them aside, then add karachi rava/bombay rava to the same pan.

3. Fry them in the same ghee in which the dry fruits are fried, fry the rava on low flame until it turns into very light golden brown/ for five minutes.

4. Take the fried rava in a separate cup and add sugar and mix it.

5 . Add milk and water to the pan and boil them, when the milk starts boiling add add half of the fried dry fruits and karachi sugar mix and cardamom powder. Mix while adding rava to avoid clots.

6. Let them cook on low flame on low flame until the consistency becomes thick then add 2 spoons of ghee on the top mix it and turn of the flame.

7. Serve it in a bowl and garnish with another half left dry fruits.

This is a sweet traditional Indian dish recipe. It is a famous dish in India. This is a yummy, tasty, and very simple recipe, so do try this recipe in your home.

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