Chicken pulao with coconut milk

Chicken pulao is my all time favorite dish. I am big biryani lover. This is one of our type of preparing this yummy recipe. I can just surve on biriyani.Do try this yummy dish.


Cashews 50 grams,

Biriyani rice 1/2 kg,

Coconut milk 1 glass,

Water 1 liter,

Chicken 1 kg,

Salt according to your taste, if available add rock salt,

Turmeric 1 spoon,


Green cardamom 8,

Cloves 8,

2 inches cinnamon,

2 black cardamom,

2 Star anise

2 bay leaves/biriyani leaf,

1/4 nutmeg,

1 spoon mace,

2 Marathi moggu/kapok buds,)

8 Dried red chillies,

Ghee 50 grams,

Oil 100 grams,

Onions 2 thinly sliced,

7 Green Chillies,

Red chilly powder 1 spoon,

Ginger 3 inches,

2 whole buds of garlic,

4 spoons Coriander seeds,

1 spoon zeera/cumin,

2 spoons Khas khas/popy seeds.

Preparing all masla powders:

Wash biriyani rice and keep it aside,

Masala powder preparation:

Add all the above mentioned spices to the mixer jar and make them it fine powder and keep it aside.

Ginger garlic paste:

Add ginger and garlic to the mixer jar and make it into a fine paste add sufficient quantity of water. Keep it aside in a small bowl.

Coriander and cumin paste:

After removing ginger and garlic paste from the jar add coriander seeds,cumin,red chillies, poppy seeds and water to it and grind then into fine paste.


1. Take chicken in a pan, add salt to your taste, 5 spoons oil,turmeric, ginger garlic paste and red chilly powder to the chicken.

2. Cook chicken on medium flame until the water in the chicken is evaporated or until the oil in in the chicken floats

3. Then take a large pan and add ghee and oil to it, heat the oil, add cashews to it and fry then until they are until light golden brown, then add masala powder and bay leaf to pan and fry all these ingredients until they are fried or sweat smell of fried smell come out.

4. Add onions and green chilles and fry them until they are light golden brown, then add ginger and garlic paste, fry them mix and fry them until raw smell fades and then add coriander and cumin paste.

5. Fry all the of them for 2 minutes then add boiled chicken to it and mix it and cover the pan with lid and let it cook for 5 minutes.

6. Add rice and 1 spoon turmeric to it and mix it and fry the rice for 5 minutes and then add 1 liter water let them boil and then half glass coconut milk to the pan and close it with lid.note that place a large paper in between lid and the pan so that the steem does not go out and also add salt according to your taste.

Mix it in between and cook pulao until the rice is fully cooked,then add some coriander leaves give it a mix and turn off the flame.

Serve this hot pulao in plate and enjoy your dish.

This is our recipe of making yummy and delicious chicken pulao,Do try it in your kitchen.





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