Ulavacharu OR Horse Gram Soup

Ulava charu/horse gram soup is a famous recipe in Andhra pradesh, India. It is famous South Indian recipe made with horse gram. It is a very nutritional recipe containing very good protein and vitamin content. It is very good for our digestion. It is old and traditional recipe in Andhra pradesh. It can be seen in many marriages and is made on several auspicious occasions. It may take a little time and strength to prepare this recipe but the taste and health benefits of this recipe is very good that you can use your precious time for preparing this recipe.


50 gram ullavalu/horse grams/kulthi dal,

Tamarind 25 grams(should be soaked for half an hour in 1/4 liter water)

green chilles 5,

red chilles 4,

small piece of ginger,

10 garlic cloves,

red chilly powder 1/4 spoon,

cumin 1/2 spoon,

coriander seeds 1/4 spoon,

black gram/urad dal 1/4 spoon,

Fenugreek seeds 1/4 spoon,

Mustard seeds 1/4 spoon

rock salt or table salt according to taste,

oil 50 ml,

ghee 1 spoon,

1 tomato,

1 ladies finger,

1 brinjal,

1 onion,

one small piece of bottle gourd,


curry leaves,

1/4 spoon turmeric,

1 small drum stick.


1.Take 50 grams of horse gram in bowl and wash it and soak it in water over night and boil the horse gram in pressure cooker in the same water in which it is soaked but add extra 1/2 liter of water. Cook them until they are soft, if in pressure cooker cook for 5 vessels. Turn of the flame, reserve the stock for later use, take dal into a mixture jar, add coriander seeds, green chilles, ginger, garlic and cumin and grind them into fine paste and keep it aside.

2. In same cooker add soaked tamarind juice note that pulp must be remove, boil the tamarind juice and 1 tomato to it and boil it until it becomes half or the tamarind juice thickens. Keep the boiled tamarind juice aside.

3. Take large pan add two spoons oil, heat oil and add 3 ladies fingers, 1 bringal, 1 onion one small piece of bottle gourd, one small drum stick which are sliced into cubed pieces.

4. Steem all these vegetables on medium flame until they are fully cooked or the become soft.

5. Add boiled tamarind, horse gram paste and dal stock to the vegetable pan, add water if required, see the the consistency should be thin.

6. Add salt according to your taste, a 1/4 spoon of turmeric, half spoon red chilly powder and jangreey, boil them on medium flame until the consistency becomes thick or it becomes half, turn of the flame.

7. Take another small pan add oil and heat it. To the heated oil add mustard seeds when the mustard seeds starts cracking add cumin and urad dal/black gram, fry them for two minutes on medium flame add dried red chillies to it and fry them until they are fried. Don’t burn the ingredients.

8. Add these to the rasam we prepared, serve this in a bowl and hot rice and papads.

This is a andra famous recipe of ulava charu.

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