About Me And This Blog

I am lakshmi reddy, I am a medico. I started this blog to share my experiences in some particular stages of life which I went through or some others. I will be uploading some healthy recipes, traditional Indian recipes, some unique recipes, some very effective weight loss recipes which I tried during my weight loss journey. Some of the recipes I would be uploaded are taken from my mom and grandma.

1. Some unique tips and life hack in our daily life

2. Simple parenting techniques

3. Healthy recipes

4. Best effective remedies for healthy skin which I found effective

5. Best weight loss tips, mistakes i have done in my weight loss journeys because I lost and gained my weight many times so how to maintain the weight without gaining again.

6. About healthy pregnancy

So these are some main topics I want to talk about. All the recipes and tricks that I post here are effective and mostly all those are done by me or by my nearest ones. So do follow my updates regularly and do comment on which topics you would like to know.

I will be sharing more about me and about this website in future posts.

Be safe,

Wear mask 😷 when you go out,

Do take all the preventive measures to keep you and your loved ones safe from virus.

Thank you


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