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Fish curry/ Fish iguru

Ingredients: 4 Green Chillies , 3 onions, Cleaned Fish pandu gopa/Qezla Fresh Sea Bass fish 1/2kg(marinate fish with salt 1/2 spoon salt,1 spoon red chilly powder, 1/4 spoon turmeric powder and 3 spoons oil for 3 minutes for 1 hour), Cumin 1 spoon, Coriander seeds 2 spoons, 1 full garlic bud, Ginger 2 inch, (Masala […]

Prawns fry recipe

This variety of prawns fry can be made with easily available ingredients, all of the used ingredients used in preparing this recipe are available in every home. It is a very simple recipe with takes very less time and items, it doesn’t require any masala items or any special ingredients or any marinating process, so […]

Mutton bones soup or mutton shorba or mutton sherwa.

Mutton sherwa is a delicious recipe made with mutton bones. This is very good recipe for people having bone pains, for children, for fast healing of fracture and for people having bone weakness but everyone can enjoy this recipe. Even doctors tell to have this recipe for strengthen of the bones. It is very good […]

Pesera pappu charu/Moong dal soup/Green gram soup

This recipe is a simple recipe. It is a South Indian recipe. It is very famous recipe in South india.It requires very less items and less time to prepare this dish. It is one of the method of preparing this recipe. There are many recipes to prepare this dish but this process takes less ingredients […]

Chicken pulao with coconut milk

Chicken pulao is my all time favorite dish. I am big biryani lover. This is one of our type of preparing this yummy recipe. I can just surve on biriyani.Do try this yummy dish. Ingredients: Cashews 50 grams, Biriyani rice 1/2 kg, Coconut milk 1 glass, Water 1 liter, Chicken 1 kg, Salt according to […]

Ulavacharu OR Horse Gram Soup

Ulava charu/horse gram soup is a famous recipe in Andhra pradesh, India. It is famous South Indian recipe made with horse gram. It is a very nutritional recipe containing very good protein and vitamin content. It is very good for our digestion. It is old and traditional recipe in Andhra pradesh. It can be seen […]

Cabbage AND Chana Dal Curry

This recipe is very simple recipe with very less ingredients. A beginner who doesn’t know the basics of cooking can also cook this recipe without any confusion. So let’s start the recipe. In this recipe we don’t add onion or garlic. Anyone who doesn’t like cabbage will also love this recipe. INGREDIENTS: 1 small cup […]

Vangi Bath Recipe

This is a Karnataka recipe, its one of our styles of preparing this yummy recipe. So do try this recipe and enjoy it. Its a mini vangibath recipe. It also includes how to prepare vangibath powder. Ingredients: Rice 1/2 kg, white Brinjal 1/4 KG, green Chilles 7, red Chilles 7, 5 table Spoons peanuts/groundnuts, 1 […]

Murgh Mussallam Recipe

ABOUT MURGH MUSALLAM Murgh musallam  means ‘whole chicken . The dish was popular among the royal Mughal families of Awadh, now the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It also means well done . The dish was also served in the Delhi Sultanate INGREDIENTS chicken : 1 1/4 kg , boiled eggs : 2 , mutton kheema or […]

About Me And This Blog

I am lakshmi reddy, I am a medico. I started this blog to share my experiences in some particular stages of life which I went through or some others. I will be uploading some healthy recipes, traditional Indian recipes, some unique recipes, some very effective weight loss recipes which I tried during my weight loss […]